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Off the Grid with Gandhi: A Recap

August 23, 2021

As the newest co-host of the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, Medha Gandhi has never shied away from sharing her wild travel stories with listeners. Her love of the great outdoors is contagious!

We at RV Retailer thought, why not outfit Gandhi and her team for the adventure of a lifetime? So, we reached out to her people and made some preparations.

Soon enough, the stage was set for #OffTheGridWithGandhi, Gandhi’s two-week-long romp around the Southwest in a new RV.

That was two weeks ago. Now, it’s time to check back in. Where did her journey take her, and what creature comforts was she lucky enough to enjoy along the way? Find out as we recap Gandhi’s off-the-grid adventure!

First, a stop at Tom’s Camperland

We kicked off this adventure together at Tom’s Camperland, an RV Retailer-owned store in Arizona. It’s home to all the top brand-name RVs—just what we knew her team needed.

Gandhi and Diamond with their new Jayco Redhawk!

We equipped Gandhi and her team with a Jayco Redhawk 24Xk for their journey into the wild. They had everything they needed for a quality road trip! That includes RV Complete, our one-year warranty that comes with every purchase, so you, like Gandhi, can go anywhere with peace of mind.

The reliable Redhawk continues to be one of the best values in its class. A Class C motorhome, it offers a fine slate of features for every adventurer.

Gandhi set out in comfort with a queen bed, Furrion® all-in-one cooktop and oven, and our favorite, an electric patio awning with LED lighting, perfect for recapping the day’s adventures in the shade!

On a journey from the soaring skies…

Imagine hovering 10,000 feet over the ground in the immense Grand Canyon. Scary—but that must be one spectacular view!

Gandhi doesn’t have to speculate. She’s seen this mile-deep gorge from more than a mile high! But a true adventurer is more than just a voyeur, so Gandhi did what most wouldn’t be brave enough to do. She took a jump.

Yes, it really happened! Gandhi and co-host Andrew parachuted from a plane and raised $20K for charity while in freefall.

And if you think the Grand Canyon’s vistas look good while skydiving, imagine seeing them from the industry’s largest travel-view window in the Redhawk!

…to places that make you feel small…

When you stand among giants, you realize how tiny you are in the grand scheme of things. Gandhi learned that as she got back to her “roots” in Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks, basking in the shade (and awe) of towering trees.

What a way to branch out! Gandhi saw how the same places that make you feel small can show you that you’re part of something bigger than yourself.

As the sun sank below the sequoias, she found her gaze drawn skyward. Only in phantasmal places, off the grid in pitch darkness, can you truly see the stars!

(A quick climb up the Redhawk’s roof ladder, and you’ll have your own perch for stargazing.)

 …remember, tough climbs are rewarded

Emerald-green trees and soaring granite cliffs shimmer as your backdrop in the beautiful Yosemite Valley! Stand in the center and turn in a circle. You’ll see more natural wonders in a minute than you would in a full day anywhere else.

Gandhi and her team stopped to drink in the view. Waterfalls and sunlit pools, all pure and untouched under that wild blue yonder.

Never the type to play it safe, Gandhi convinced her team to take the road less traveled. They hiked the wrong side of a mountain, a labor that left them soaked in sweat and covered in dirt. (Sounds like a job for the Redhawk’s outside shower!)

But the climb was worth it. Waiting for them at the end was a serene, stony waterfall, nestled in mountain lion territory, no less!

Now, write in your name: #OffTheGridWith_______!

We can’t believe Gandhi and her team did all that! If you’re itching to follow in her footsteps—and tire tracks—we want to see you at RV Retailer.

The Jayco Redhawk is just the beginning. We have so many motorhomes for sale. And you have new National Parks to explore (Joshua Tree or Redwood National Forest, anyone?), so join us and kick off your own #OffTheGrid adventure!